20 Easy Camping Recipes Anyone Can Make (2024)

I love great food, but I don’t exactly like to spend all my time cooking while camping – I’m much rather enjoy the great outdoors.

That’s why I prefer to cook simple camp meals that are quick and easy to make (while still delicious).

Here are my favorite easy camping recipes for your next trip!

Camping is awesome. I mean seriously right?! You get to go out into nature, away from the burdens, rings, reminders, keyboards and everything else in your daily routine and just enjoy nature and your fellow campers.

. For that reason, I have compiled a list of some of the easiest and tastiest camping recipes for Beyond The Tent readers. These recipes are great for those time when youwant good food, but don’t want all the fuss of crazy meals.

Our Favorite Simple Camping Meals

Simplicity is key when it comes to camp cooking (in my opinion). Not only do the following recipes require little preparation time, but they also don’t require very many utensils or much cookware either.

1. Lumberjack Breakfast in Foil Packet

A foil packet has so many amazing uses for camp cooking. You can throw it on the grill or even in the campfire.

Such is the case with our first camp recipe – the Lumberjack breakfast.

Load your tin foil up with sausage, potatoes, eggs, green onions, and tomatoes. Then just fold it all up. A delicious camp breakfast will be ready for you in no time at all.

Check out the full lumberjack breakfast recipe.

2. Campfire Bacon

Bacon…on a stick? Yes please!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sometimes meat on a plate is just what you need to recharge your battery.

This easy camping recipe from Zestuous provides a uniquely delicious take on eating bacon.

A simple roast over the coals gives the meat an extra layer of smokiness and depth.

Check out the full campfire bacon recipe.

3. Pie IronPhilly Cheesesteaks

The classic Philly cheesesteak a is a crowd favorite that will have your family lining up before you even ring the dinner bell.

For a more grown up version, add grilled onions and peppers.

Cooking over the campfire with a pie iron not only makes this meal taste even better, but it provides a fun time with your family as well.

Check out our full Philly cheesesteak recipe.

4. Campfire Breakfast Burger

Yet another awesomely easy camp breakfast, this breakfast sandwich recipe is the perfect way to start your morning.

Make your campfire breakfast burger with grilled English muffins, sausage, eggs, and cheese. Cook on cast iron skillets over the campfire or on your camp stove.

Although this meal is simple to prepare, it’s not super quick – but the little extra time it does require is more than worth it!

Check out the full campfire breakfast burger recipe.

5. Campfire French Toast

French toast is a menu must have for a morning Sunday brunch.

So, why does your camping trip have to be any different?

Fluffy, moist French toast is possible in the great outdoors as well. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on it and serve it up with that roast bacon on a stick!

Check out the full campfire French toast recipe.

6. Grilled Ham and Cheese Pull-Apart Sandwich Loaf

Looking for simple? It doesn’t get much simpler than campfire sandwiches.

You can choose your favorite meats and cheeses and please everyone in your family.

A loaf of French bread makes this recipe so easy for you, not to mention very cheap.

Check out the full grilled ham and cheese pull-apart sandwich loaf recipe.

7. Campfire Chili Cheese Fries

I know you can get cheesy fries at home – but cheesy, smoky fries in a foil packet?

That’s worth a camping trip alone!

Keep it simple with just some fries and cheese or go all out and add some chili, bacon, green onions, jalapenos, and sour cream.

The sky is the limit, and since they are in foil packets, everyone can have it their own way.

Check out our full campfire chili cheese fries recipe.

8. Hobo Dinner

The hobo dinner is one of the easiest camping meals of all time. Not to mention, it’s a classic.

Get out your handy foil packet and fill it up with potatoes, carrots, onion, beef, and just about any other ingredient you so please.

We love this recipe because everyone in your family tailor it to their own personal preferences. You can even make a vegetarian or vegan version by changing up just a few ingredients!

Check out our very own hobo dinner recipe.

9. BBQ Chicken Potato Foil Packet

We can’t forget the chicken.

Make sure you take some with you camping for a savory barbecue chicken meal.

Featuring golden potatoes and shredded cheese, this one is a crowd pleaser for sure.

Check out the full BBQ chicken potato foil packet recipe.

10. Campfire Pizza In A Pie Iron

When your little ones get a hankering for home, nothing will make them happier than the taste of pizza over the campfire.

Add your favorite ingredients to personalize this recipe for your little campers.

We know this pie iron pizza will keep them happy and coming back for more!

Here is our very own pie iron pizza recipe.

11. Foil-Wrapped Salmon with Herbs and Lemon

For all you campfire food connoisseurs, this is one simple camping meal that’s sure to please.

Some salmon, fresh herbs, and lemon can even make the great outdoors your own little romantic getaway.

So, after the kiddos are in bed, you and your better half can enjoy fresh salmon and gaze at the stars together.

Better yet, have the kids catch it, clean it, and prepare it for you. Tent-side service!

Here is the full foil-wrapped salmon with herbs and lemon recipe.

12. Bacon-Wrapped Trout

Like the previous recipe, campers can use the resources on hand to make this elegant yet simple dish.

Fresh herbs help to pack this dish with flavor…and did I mention bacon?!?!

Bacon makes everything better in my opinion, even fresh trout fresh from the stream.

Cook this on the grill or use a grate over your campfire for one of my favorite camp dinners of all time.

Here is the full bacon-wrapped trout recipe.

13. Dutch Oven Lasagna

In our family, a Dutch oven is a camping mainstay – and this dutch oven lasagna shows you exactly why.

It may not have the traditional layers, but all the elements are still there for a yummy, hearty, cheesy dish.

While it’s not exactly traditional camp fare, this is a great dish to make ahead of time and bring with you to the campground.

Or you can just pack it all into containers and fix it up at the campground.

Here is the full dutch oven lasagna recipe.

14. Hobo Supper

You see what I did there?

Sure, this might be another hobo dinner, but placing the dinner on a tin plate and pairing it with asparagus has to say something for taste, right?

This is basically a standard hobo supper with an extra special twist!

Here is the full hobo supper recipe.

15. Grilled Corn On the Cob with Herb Butter

This is just a side dish, but it’s so much more than a side dish…

I love corn. On the cob, off the cob, creamed, main dish side dish…I love corn.

When you put it with fresh herbs and butter and roast it over a campfire, it is near perfection.

Here is the full grilled corn on the cob with herb butter recipe.

16. Campfire S’mores Granola

S’mores are the staple of any camping trip!

They are the time tested treat for outdoorsmen and Boy Scouts alike.

But when you couple all the flavor of that age old tradition with granola, you have a totally new and somehow even more delicious camping meal to enjoy!

This simple camp recipe is not the gooey melty s’mores that you are used to, but a yummy treat you can eat by the handful on the go.

Here is the full campfire s’mores granola recipe.

17. Berry Dump Cake

Break out the Dutch oven again and get it ready for desert.

A berry dump cake is so simple and yet so delicious. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to settle for packaged desserts.

Treat yourself and your family to something worth getting outdoors for.

Here is the full berry dump cake recipe.

18. Blueberry Muffins

Baking at a campfire? Oh yes, it happens.

These little goodies are often stashed protectively inside an orange as is the case with these tasty blueberry muffins.

The foil and the hollowed out orange keep your muffins nice and moist and stop them from burning.

Here is the full blueberry muffins camping recipe.

19. Apple Pie Packets

Even without a crust, campers will be delighted with this fruity treat.

Apples cook up so tender and filled with flavor, especially over the campfire.

Just add your favorite toppings like raisins and nuts. All that’s missing is the ice cream!

Here is the full apple pie packets recipe.

20. Warm S’mores Dip

If the s’mores and granola wasn’t enough to satisfy your craving for that original toasted treat – don’t you worry! I’ve got you covered.

This is an easy camp dessert for the record books.

Take your cast iron skillet and transform your chocolate and marshmallows into ooey, gooey dip that you can savor with your graham crackers. You might not even want to share!

Here is the full warm s’mores dip recipe.

Did We Forget Your Favorite Camp Meal?

What’s your favorite camping meal that’s easy to make?

Let us know in the comments below and we might just add it to this list!

We hope our roundup of our favorite easy camping recipes helps you plan out delicious meals for your next trip that don’t require too much time to prepare.

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Happy Camping!

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20 Easy Camping Recipes Anyone Can Make (2024)
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