Kalysea's Offerings - Corruption of Champions II (2024)

Kalysea's Offerings
Creators Wsan
Quest Details
Quest Type Side
Requirements Has agreed to talk with Kalysea
Quest Giver(s) Kalysea
Level Range 1+
Location(s) Harvest Valley
Conditions and Outcomes
Can Fail? Currently No
Has Combat? Currently No
Is Timed? No
Unique Loot Currently No
Multiple Outcomes? Unknown
Completion Result Currently Incomplete
Other Information
Version Added 0.6.11
Changelog 0.6.12
Adjustment to given items
This page currently lacks the quest content from patch 0.6.34 and is outdated
The page will be updated eventually(tm)
--Spotty McBumble f*ck (talk) 13:20, 4 May 2024 (UTC)
I'm not here to harm or coerce you. I wanted to extend an invitation to the champion of the centaurs. My name is Kalysea. I'm a druid, and I'd like you to help me against the demons.

The centaur druidess Kalysea would like the Champion's help to fight against the demons, and she extends them an invitation to her home.

  • 1 Quest States
  • 2 Acquisition
  • 3 Characters Involved
    • 3.1 Companion Interactions
  • 4 Quick Summary
    • 4.1 Applicable Unique Items
  • 5 Detailed Summary
    • 5.1 Help
    • 5.2 Gift

Quest States

Quest States
  • Having talked to Kalysea about the Help she needs and accepting her deal
The druid Kalysea wants you to bring her unique arms, armor, and items made of metal in order to help her protect the land from the demons. She's promised you a decidedly unsubtle 'reward' for doing so...
  • Having given her 1 Unique Item
Kalysea wants you to bring her more unique arms, armor, and items made of metal. She certainly came through with the reward, though it left you somewhat dazed in its wake... she did promise more if you brought her additional unique metal items, however.
  • Having given her 2 Unique Items
Kalysea wants you to bring her more unique arms, armor, and items made of metal, and you're happy to deliver them. She's going to need at least one more, and then you'll surely get a big reward courtesy of the beautiful centauress herself.
  • Having given her 3 Unique Items
Kalysea has amply rewarded you for your services and left her house in your care with a promise to return. You're not entirely sure what she's leaving for, but it seems very easy to recall the time spent with her when you're looking at that pool behind her home...

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.


Having agreed to talk to Kalysea at her home, the Champion can ask what Help she wants.

Characters Involved


Companion Interactions

No unique interactionsNo unique interactionsNo unique interactionsNo unique interactions

No unique interactions

No unique interactions

No unique interactionsNo unique interactionsNo unique interactionsNo unique interactionsNo unique interactions

Quick Summary

  • 1. Talk to Kalysea about the Help she needs and accept her deal
  • 2. Give Kalysea a total of 3 applicable unique items
    • 2a. Note that each time an item is given will result in sex with Kalysea
  • 3. After the third item, Kalysea leaves
  • 3a. This is currently where the quest ends

Applicable Unique Items

GuldringRingObtained after the events of High Ground if the Dawnsword or Corrupted Dawnsword was not claimed
Hornet RingRingGiven by Queen Nyzerrah after the events of Land of Milky Honey
KaneituuhouRingGiven by Kohaku after the second part of The Princess Blade
Lucky CoinRingObtained after defeating the Fungal Amalgam during the events of Ruins of Xadaron
Ring of Pure ThoughtRingGiven by Koko after saving her during the Twin Rings event
Ring of TemptationRingGiven by Koko after saving her during the Twin Rings event
Rogue's RingRingGiven by Lusina at her camp after she quits being a highwayman
Champion's BeltWaistGiven by Garth after the events of Right of Conquest
Conqueror's BreastplateChestPurchased from Vitruvius' Special Stock
Dream-PlateChestFound in the Abyssal Depths during the events of Winter Wolf
Giant's BreastplateChestObtained after defeating the Jotun Giant-Father during the events of Temple of Challenge
Helm of HeroesHeadGiven by Magna after defeating her during the events of Shades of the Past
Patrician MaskHeadObtained from the gemlock puzzle during the events of The Ring of Fate
Silver MaskHeadGiven by Zo after reaching enlightenment
Tiran Paladin ChestplateChestObtained by defeating the Gray Jelly within four turns at the Tiran Temple and then choosing Shield
Winged SabatonsFeetObtained from the wordlock chest at the Sorran Altar during the events of Getting Into The Closet
Bessy MaulerPrimaryFound in Fort Marrok during the events of Shades of the Past
Blade StaffPrimaryObtained after defeating Master Tollus during the Tutorial
Captain's GreatswordPrimaryObtained after defeating Jael'yn at Winter City
Flametongue BladePrimaryPurchased from Vitruvius' Special Stock
FrosthammerPrimaryPurchased from Vitruvius' Special Stock
Galon's GriefmakerPrimaryObtained after defeating or parleying Jarl Gunvaldsen during the events of Shades of the Past
Rosebloom ShieldOffhandFound in the armory of the Hornet Hive
Sanctified GladiusPrimaryGiven by Eryka after helping her in the Old Forest
Shield of AbsorptionOffhandPurchased from Vitruvius' Special Stock
SkypiercerPrimaryPurchased from Vitruvius' Special Stock
War ScythePrimaryObtained after defeating Elthara at Winter City
Spiraled BladePrimaryObtained from Berwyn in Matiha's secret lab during the events of The Mistress
Spiraled StaffPrimaryObtained from Berwyn in Matiha's secret lab during the events of The Mistress

Detailed Summary


When asked what help Kalysea wants, she answers that as a druid, she is beholden by nature to nature, as such, she wants to protect the land from the demons. The problem is that she lacks the means to fight them directly, so she would like the Champion to bring her powerful arms, armor, and items made of metal, adding that these items must have some sort of unique quality to them or a magical enhancement. When asked what they get out of this deal, she gives them a provocative smile and her enormous mareco*ck hardens slightly, and she asks if they're interested in finding out.

With that, the Champion is given the following options:

MaybeMaybe, maybe not...
  • The start of Kalysea's Offerings
NoThat's not an arrangement you're interested in.
  • Refuse Kalysea's offer
    • Option to Help can be chosen again at anytime

If her offer is accepted:(variation is based on if the Champion has seen Orlaith's and/or Mara's co*ck)

The Champion is at least a little interested in her offer, and she knows it too. The Champion ponders if she caught them glancing at her co*ck, or she's noticed the way they're breathing in her musk slightly deeper than they need to. The Champion slowly states that they'll think about, and she answers that she's sure they'll find the reward to be most agreeable.

The Champion thinks that they may or may not be interested, and it costs nothing to agree and see what happens later. They reply that they'll think about her offer, in which she answers the she's sure she can make it worth their while.


The First Gift
  • Giving Kalysea 1 unique item
  • The Champion worships Kalysea's co*ck
  • A Scrying Pool is discovered
  • org*sm
  • Orally Filled(3000 mL)
  • At the end of it, the Champion feels like a spell has overcome them, with how potent and intoxicated Kalysea's musk is
  • Kalysea begins to refer to the Champion as her mare
The Second Gift
  • Giving Kalysea 2 unique items
  • Several rounds of Kalysea facef*cking the Champion
  • org*sm
  • Orally Filled(3000 mL)
  • At the end of it, the Champion ponders about her irresistible musk, that it is becoming a growing obsession. A part of their mind warns them against this, that she's more than she seems, but another part says they want to return, to be bonded to her in oral service
The Third Gift
  • Giving Kalysea 3 unique items
  • The Champion orally worships Kalysea's ass
    • And is subjected to rounds of facef*cking
  • org*sm
  • Orally Filled(3000 mL)
  • Kalysea leaves her home for now
  • The Champion becomes very musk-drunk during the whole ordeal
  • Kalysea allows the Champion to freely stay at her home

Result & Reward

Currently the quest is incomplete, as such there is no final result and reward yet.

Kalysea's Offerings - Corruption of Champions II (2024)
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