Nurshath Dulal Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Family & More - SPARK TIME (2024)

Nurshath Dulal is an American actor and model who has gained a huge fan base for his talent and good looks. He is of Indian descent and has been making waves in the entertainment industry with his impressive skills.

With his charming personality and captivating performances, Nurshath has become a household name in a short period. His passion for acting and modelling started at a young age and has only grown stronger over the years.

In This Article, We take a Closer Look at Nurshath Dulal Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Family, & More.

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Quick Bio

NameNurshath Dulal
Born (Date of Birth)15 May 2000
Age23 Years
Net WorthUSD 170,000

Who is Nurshath Dulal?

Nurshath Dulal, also known by the name Nurshath Diti, is a talented person who acts in movies and models for photos. She was born in America, but her family comes from India, which makes her special because she brings different cultures together. Nurshath was born on May 15, 2000, which means she’s still very young but has already done a lot of cool things.

People really like watching her because she’s good at acting and also looks very nice in pictures. Being an actor and a model means she gets to pretend to be different people and wear lots of fancy clothes for her job, which sounds like a fun thing to do.

Nurshath started loving acting and modelling when she was just a kid, and now she’s making her dreams come true by being in movies and modelling. She works very hard, and many people enjoy seeing her on their TV screens and in magazines.

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Early Life

Nurshath Dulal grew up in America with a family that came from India. From when she was very young, Nurshath loved to play dress-up and pretend she was different characters from movies and stories she liked. This wasn’t just a game for her; it was the beginning of her dream. Her family saw how much she loved acting and modelling, and they always told her she could be whatever she wanted when she grew up.

Even as a little girl, Nurshath worked hard to learn how to act and model. She would often join school plays and local modelling contests. These experiences were like her first steps in a journey toward her big dream. Her parents and friends were always there, cheering her on and making her believe she could reach her goals.

Every day after school, Nurshath would spend time practising her acting in front of a mirror or walking like a model in her room. This early part of her life was very important because it showed her what she really wanted to do when she grew up.

Nurshath Dulal Age

Nurshath Dulal was born on a warm day in spring, May 15, in the year 2000. If you look at the calendar for this year, 2024, you’ll see she has turned 24 years old. That means she has celebrated her birthday 24 times!

Imagine having 24 birthday cakes throughout your life; that’s a lot of candles to blow out! Nurshath has lived through two different decades, the 2000s and the 2010s, and now she’s making her mark in the 2020s.

Being 24 is a fun age because you’re not too young but also not too old. It’s a time when many people are figuring out big things in their lives, just like Nurshath is doing with her acting and modelling career.

Nurshath Dulal Career

Nurshath Dulal started her journey in the entertainment world in 2021 when she was 21 years old. Before she became famous, Nurshath had a dream to act in movies and model for big brands. That dream came true when she got her first chance to act in a movie. Since then, she has been in different films and shows, where she plays various characters. People love how she can become anyone she wants to be on screen.

Besides acting, Nurshath also models. She has been in photos for magazines and ads, showing off clothes and products. Her ability to act and model has made her very popular. She works hard in both her acting and modelling jobs, making sure she does her best.

Everyone who watches her movies or sees her pictures can tell she loves what she does. Starting her career at 21, Nurshath Dulal has already shown she’s a talented actress and model, with many people looking forward to what she’ll do next.

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Nurshath Dulal Net Worth

Nurshath Dulal has done really well in her job as an actor and a model. Because of all the hard work she puts into her movies and modelling, she has been able to make some good money. Right now, she has about USD 170,000. This is a big number! It means she has earned a lot by being in movies, shows, and pictures for magazines. This money also helps her to take care of herself and do things she enjoys.

Even though Nurshath is still young and has just started her career not too long ago, she is already doing great. Making this amount of money shows that she is very good at what she does, and people really like her work. Remember, she got here by working hard and loving what she does.

Nurshath Dulal Education

Nurshath Dulal went to school like most kids. She always loved learning, especially when it came to acting and fashion. During her school years, she was part of many plays and fashion shows. This helped her learn more about how to be a great actress and model. She didn’t stop with just school plays and contests; she also took special classes to get better at acting.

These classes taught her how to show different emotions and how to walk on a runway like a pro. Besides these, Nurshath also paid attention to her regular school subjects. She knew that understanding different things could make her a better actress. For example, reading books in English class helped her with reading scripts for her roles.

And studying history gave her ideas about old-time stories she could act out. Even though the blog doesn’t say exactly which school she went to or if she went to college, it’s clear that her education played a big part in her becoming the talented person she is today.

Nurshath Dulal Boyfriend

Talking about Nurshath Dulal’s love life, many people are curious to know who she is dating. Right now, Nurshath has decided to keep this part of her life private. This means she has yet to share if she has a boyfriend or not. It’s common for famous people like Nurshath to keep some things to themselves, especially when it comes to their personal lives.

She might feel it’s important to focus on her career in acting and modelling without getting distracted. Just like everyone else, Nurshath has the right to decide what she wants to share with the world and what she prefers to keep secret. So, as of now, we need to get information about her having a boyfriend or being in a relationship.

Nurshath Dulal Height and Physical Attributes

Nurshath Dulal is not very tall, but she is of average height for a woman. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall, which is the same as 1.60 meters. She weighs 110 pounds, or 50 kilograms, which is healthy for her height. Nurshath has pretty green eyes that many people find very beautiful.

Her hair is black, which looks great with her skin tone. She has a slim figure, with her measurements being 34 inches around her chest, 22 inches around her waist, and 33 inches around her hips. Nurshath also has tattoos, which show that she likes to express herself in different ways, including through her body art.

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The Future Prospects for Nurshath Dulal

Looking ahead, Nurshath Dulal has a bright future ahead of her. With her talent in acting and modelling, there’s no limit to what she can do. She’s already shown she can play different roles in movies and look amazing in photos. As she gets more experience, she’ll get even bigger parts in films and lead roles.

Also, more brands might want her to model for them, which means we’ll be seeing her in more ads and magazines. Nurshath is also the kind of person who works really hard and loves what she does. This means she’s always getting better at her job.

People enjoy watching her and seeing her in pictures, so she’ll have lots of fans for a long time. Nurshath could also use her fame to help others by working with charities or speaking out about important issues. No matter what, it looks like Nurshath will keep shining in her career and making her dreams come true.


Reading: Nurshath loves to dive into books. She enjoys stories that take her on adventures in her mind.

Photography: With a keen eye for beauty, she likes taking pictures of things that catch her attention. It could be nature, people, or even everyday objects.

Cooking: Experimenting in the kitchen is another hobby of hers. She enjoys trying out new recipes and adding her twist to them.

Dancing: Moving to music is one of her favourite ways to express herself. She often spends time learning new dance moves.

Traveling: Exploring new places is something Nurshath is passionate about. She loves to see different parts of the world and learn about other cultures.

Painting: When she wants to relax, Nurshath picks up a paintbrush. Painting allows her to put her thoughts and feelings onto a canvas in a colourful way.

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What does Nurshath Dulal do?

She is an actress and a model. She pretends to be different people in movies and wears fancy clothes for pictures.

How old is Nurshath Dulal?

She turned 24 years old in 2024. That means she was born in 2000.

Where was Nurshath Dulal born?

She was born in America, but her family is from India.

How tall is Nurshath Dulal?

She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, which is about 1.60 meters.

Does Nurshath Dulal have a boyfriend?

She keeps her love life private, so we don’t know if she has a boyfriend.

What colour are Nurshath Dulal’s eyes?

Her eyes are green, and lots of people think they’re very pretty.

Has Nurshath Dulal won any awards?

The blog doesn’t mention any awards, so we’re wondering if she has won any.

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In this story about Nurshath Dulal, we learned a lot. We found out about her early days, her birthday, and how she became a star in acting and modelling. We also discovered she’s doing well with her money from her hard work. Even though we don’t know much about her school or if she has a special someone, it’s clear she’s a private person.

What stands out is her height, her beautiful green eyes, and her tattoos that show her unique style. Nurshath has done great things in her career, and she will do even more amazing stuff in the future. She’s got a bright path ahead because of her talent and hard work.

Everyone likes her for what she does on screen and in photos. It’s exciting to think about all the cool things she’ll do next, both in her career and helping others. Nurshath Dulal’s story tells us that with hard work and love for what you do, you can make your dreams come true.

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Nurshath Dulal Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Family & More - SPARK TIME (2024)
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