Nurshath Dulal Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/wiki. (2024)

Nurshath Dulal is a famous British-Indian descent model, actress, Instagram star, adult content creator, and social media personality. She was born in India on May 15, 2000. She followed her goal earlybecause she was always passionate about the performing arts.

She waslater performed in somemovies and television shows. Nurshath Dulal’s success in the entertainment sector has made her a global sensation. She also spends time inher virtual entertainment accounts, where she communicates with followers and provides updates on her upcoming projects. Her striking features and captivating attractionhelped her gain an extensive audience on her virtual entertainment accounts.

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Who is Nurshath Dulal?

Nurshath Dulal is a talented young American actor and model. She was born in India on May 15, 2000, and has a mix of Indian and American roots. Nurshath has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her impressive acting skills.

She gained fame in 2021 and has since been recognized for her incredible talent. Nurshath is an inspiring figure, showcasing her passion and dedication in every project she takes on. She will make waves in the industry with her unique background and undeniable talent for years.

Nurshath Dulal Bio/Wiki:

Real Name
Nurshath Dulal
Nick Name
Nurshath Dulal
Date of Birth
15 May 2000
Zodiac Sign
Actress and Model

Nurshath Dulal Real Name:

Nurshath Dulal’s real name is Nurshath Diti. She was born on May 15, 2000, in India. Nurshath is a 23-year-old American actor and model who debuted in 2021. Her unique mix of Indian roots and American nationality sets her apart.

Even though her real name might be different, it’s the same talented and inspiring young woman who captivates audiences with her incredible talent and captivating personality.

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Nurshath Diti, known as Nurshath Dulal, is making waves in the entertainment industry and proving that dreams can come true with hard work and dedication.

Nurshath Dulal Early Life and Education:

Nurshath Dulal had a fascinating early life and education journey. From a young age, Nurshath showed a keen interest in acting and modelling, which led her to pursue her dreams.

She attended prestigious acting and modelling schools, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experience. Nurshath’s dedication and hard work paid off as she debuted in 2021 and quickly rose to fame. Her early life and education played a crucial role in shaping her into the talented and successful actor and model she is today.

Nurshath Dulal Parents and Siblings:

Nurshath Dulal comes from a loving and supportive family. She is grateful for her parents, who have always encouraged her dreams and passions. She has two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother, with whom she shares a close bond.

They have been her biggest cheerleaders throughout her journey in the entertainment industry. Nurshath’s parents and siblings have been a constant source of love and inspiration in her life, and she cherishes the moments they spend together. Despite her fame and success, she remains grounded and values the importance of family.

Nurshath Dulal Husband and Boyfriend:

Nurshath Dulal is a fantastic actor and model, but what about her personal life? Well, at the moment, she is focused on her career and doesn’t have a husband or boyfriend. She believes in putting her energy into her work and pursuing her dreams.

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Understandably, she wants to focus on herself and her goals before committing to a relationship. Nurshath is a strong, independent woman determined to make a name for herself in the industry. Who knows what the future holds for her regarding love and relationships? Only time will tell!

Nurshath Dulal Children:

Nurshath Dulal is a fantastic actor and model who has captured the hearts of many, including children. Children can look up to Nurshath as someone who has worked hard to succeed in her career. She shows them they can pursue their goals and make their dreams come true with dedication and passion. Nurshath journey inspires children to believe in themselves and never abandon their plans.

Nurshath Dulal Lifestyle:

Nurshath leads an exciting and glamorous lifestyle as a successful actor and model. She travels to unique locations for photo shoots and film sets, meets new people, and experiences different cultures.

Nurshath is busy attending auditions, working on set, and keeping up with her social media presence on a typical day. She loves trying new fashion trends and staying active by going to the gym and practising yoga.

Despite her busy schedule, she also finds time to relax and unwind with her family and friends. Nurshath lifestyle is filled with adventure, hard work, and fun!

Nurshath Dulal Age, Weight And Height:

5 feet 3 inches
50 kg
Body Measurements
Hair Colour
Eye Colour

Nurshath Dulal is a young and vibrant actor and model. She was born in India on May 15, 2000, Standing at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. she has a slender figure that perfectly complements her beauty. While her weight is 50 kg. she radiates confidence and positivity in every appearance.

Nurshath physical appearance is 34-22-33 admired by many, and her youthful energy shines through in her work. With her charming smile and impeccable style, she captivates audiences worldwide.

Nurshath physical appearance all contribute to her undeniable star power and make her a role model for young children who dream of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Before Fame

Before Nurshath Dulal rose to fame .she had a regular childhood, like any other kid. She also enjoyed playing with her friends, attending school, and spending time with her family.

Nurshath was always passionate about acting and alsomodelling, often putting on little shows for her family and friends. As she alsogrew older, her love for the entertainment industry grew stronger.

She decided to pursue her dreams and worked hard to hone her skills. This dedication and also determination eventually led her to success and fame.

Nurshath Dulal Career

Nurshath Dulal’s career in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of impressive. After debuting in 2021, she quickly gained recognition for her exceptional acting skills. Since then, she has worked on various projects and continues to grow as a talented actor and model.

With each role she takes, Nurshath brings passion, dedication, and alsounique energy that captivates audiences.

She has alsoinspired many young children who dream of pursuing a career in acting or modelling. Nurshath job is on an upward trajectory, and we can expect her to shine even brighter.

Nurshath Dulal Net Worth:

Nurshath Dulal has succeeded dramatically in her young acting and alsomodel career. While her net worth is $170K USD. she has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and continues gaining recognition for her talent. Nurshath’s achievements include her debut in 2021 and her ability to captivate audiences with her acting skills.

She alsoinspires young children who dream of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, showing them that with hard work and dedication, they, too, can achieve their goals. Nurshath accomplishments are just the beginning, and we can expect to see even more from her.

Future Plains

In the future, Nurshath Dulal has big plans for her career as an actor and alsomodel. She alsowants to continue honing her skills and taking on challenging roles that allow her to showcase her talent. Nurshath aspires to work with renowned directors and participate in impactful projects that inspire and entertain audiences.

She also hopes to use her platform to promote important causes and positively impact the world. With her determination and passion, there’s no doubt that Nurshath will achieve great things in the future and continue to captivate audiences with her incredible talent.

Nurshath Dulal Hobbies

  • Reading: Nurshath is alsobig fan of books and enjoys diving into different genres. From thrilling mysteries to heart-warming love alsostories, she alsoloves getting lost in the pages of a good book.
  • Travelling: As an actor and alsomodel, Nurshath has the opportunity to travel to unique locations for work. But even outside work, she loves exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. From bustling cities to tranquil beaches, she enjoys immersing herself in the beauty of other destinations.
  • Spending time with family and friends: Nurshath always makes time for her loved ones despite her busy schedule. Whether going out for a meal, watching a movie, or having a fun day, she cherishes the moments spent with her family and friends.
  • Trying new activities: Nurshath is always up for trying new things. From learning a unique dance style to trying her hand at painting, she loves stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing new experiences.
  • Staying active: Nurshath understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and also enjoys staying active. Whether hitting the gym, running, or practising yoga, she finds joy in caring for her physical and mental well-being.
  • Photography: Nurshath has also creative side and enjoys capturing moments through the lens of her camera. Whether photographing landscapes, people, or objects, she also loves using photography as a form of self-expression.

Interesting Facts About Nurshath Dulal

  • She is alsomultilingual and can speak fluent English, Hindi, and Bengali.
  • Nurshath is alsomassive fan of Bollywood movies and enjoys watching them in her free time.
  • She alsoloves trying different cuisines and considers herself a foodie.
  • Nurshath alsoenjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring nature.
  • She alsoactively participates in charitable organizations and believes in giving back to the community.
  • Nurshath is an avid reader and has a collection of her favourite books.
  • She alsoenjoys painting and often creates beautiful artwork in her spare time.
  • Nurshath strongly advocates mental health awareness and frequently promotes self-care practices on her social media platforms.
  • She is also talented dancer and has learned various dance styles, including Bollywood and also contemporary.
  • Nurshath has alsounique style and often experiments with different fashion trends.
  • She is alsotech enthusiast and loves keeping up with the latest gadgets and technological advancements.
  • Nurshath alsoenjoys watching sports, particularly basketball and soccer.
  • These exciting facts give a glimpse into Nurshath Dulal’s diverse interests and passions.

They show her as a well-rounded individual who alsoloves culture and art and positively impacts the world. From her hobbies to her advocacy work, Nurshath continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her incredible talent and dynamic personality.

FAQs About Nurshath Dulal

How old is Nurshath Dulal?

Nurshath Dulal is 23 years old.

Where was she born?

Nurshath Dulal was born in India.

When did she make her debut?

Nurshath Dulal made her debut in 2021.

What is her nationality?

Nurshath Dulal is an American.

Does she have any siblings?

Yes, she has an older sister and a younger brother.

Does she have a husband or boyfriend?

Nurshath Dulal is focused on her career and has no husband or boyfriend.

Does she have any children?

No, Nurshath Dulal does not have any children.

What are her hobbies?

Nurshath Dulal’s hobbies include reading, travelling, and spending time with her family and friends.

What is her net worth?

Nurshath Dulal’s exact net worth is $170K USD.

What are her plans?

Dulal plans to continue honing her skills as an actor and model and hopes to work on impactful projects that inspire and entertain audiences.


Dulal is a remarkable young woman taking the entertainment industry by storm. At just 23 years old, she has already made a name for herself as an actor and model, showcasing her incredible talent and unique background.

With her Indian roots and American nationality, Nurshath stands out and inspires others to pursue their dreams. Her early life and education significantly shaped her into the successful individual she is today.

Nurshath’s family has been a constant source of love and alsosupport, and she alsovalues the importance of family above all else. Although focused on her career, Nurshath’s plans are filled with ambition and passion.

Nurshath Dulal Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/wiki. (2024)
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