Papa’s Games – A Complete Guide to the Cooking Series (2024)

You may have noticed that lately, Coolmath Games has been releasing tons of previously unplayable Papa’s Games. While we are in this gaming boom, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about each of the individual Papa’s games available and what makes them unique.

Papa’s Games offered on Coolmath Games

Currently, there are 4 different Papa’s Games offered at Coolmath Games. We started with the classics, bringing back Freezeria, Cupcakeria, and Burgeria, on top of the original Pizzeria of course. All of these games are fan favorites that really tap into that nostalgia factor. These games were brought back using a Flash Converter called AwayFL. To learn more about this, check out the Q and A with the principal developer of AwayFL.

With that being said, let’s hop into the games that we have to offer.

Papa’s Pizzeria

This is the game that started it all, the first of the Papa’s series. Your Papa Louie has left you alone to run the store by yourself. This is no small task to do. Take the orders, make the pizzas, put on the toppings, and serve the customers promptly. It starts out simple, but orders quickly get more complicated and customers line up faster every day.

Papa’s Pizzeria is one of the most popular games due to the simple and classic gameplay. No frills, no crazy tricks, just solid Papa content. It’s an absolute must-play for anyone who is looking to get involved in the series.

Papa’s Freezeria

Papa’s Games – A Complete Guide to the Cooking Series (1)

While Papa’s Pizzeria is an absolute classic, Papa’s Freezeria is actually the most played game of the Papa’s Series. It has a lot of similarities to Pizzeria, but somehow feels like a more cleaned-up and fast-paced alternative.

The main difference between this game and Papa’s Pizzeria is that you are working as a sundae maker. This presents a whole new array of tasks for you to deal with. Scoop out portions of ice cream, top it off with whipped cream, put on the syrups evenly, and don’t forget the cherries on top! There is more accuracy that is necessary for this game, so skill and timing will be important factors.

There are several other differences that really make Papa’s Freezeria stand out. To learn more about this, check out the blog on how to play Papa’s Freezeria.

Papa’s Cupcakeria

This is definitely one of the more advanced games from the Papa’s Series. Cupcakeria hits you with some new gameplay options that you haven’t seen before. First of all, players have to decorate two cupcakes at once. This ups the difficulty by quite a bit.

Along with this, there are seven different mini-games that you can play – one for each day of the week. Playing these games will give players some coins to use on upgrades for the cupcake shop.

Learn how to become the best baker around with our blog on how to play Papa’s Cupcakeria. It’s full of tips and tricks to get you started off on the right foot.

Papa’s Burgeria

One of the first big differences of Papa’s Burgeria is the characters that you are able to select. Unlike every other Papa’s Game on this list, players are able to select Papa Louie as the character to play as. Turns out he doesn’t need to head off to somewhere else when there are burgers to be made!

Burgeria is one of the ultimate challenges of multitasking in the series. Players must cook burgers to varying temperatures for customers, all the way from rare to well-done. Along with this, players must add the correct toppings to the burgers and deliver them to customers. It can be a lot to get done, but luckily there are lots of upgrades in this game that can be purchased.

For example, players can purchase a burger warmer that will let them cook burgers for customers in advance. Meat thermometers can also be purchased that will let players know when their meat patty is properly cooked.

With all of the variables that go into Papa’s Burgeria, it can be a little bit overwhelming to play at first. If you haven’t tried it out before and want a quick tutorial, we have a guide on how to play Papa’s Burgeria. It should help you get into the swing of things.

The Future of Papa’s Games

While it’s been a fun couple of months for the Papa’s Series, we have even more games that are coming out soon. While we can’t guarantee that every single title will be released onto the site, at least a few more of your favorites are on the horizon. Will it be a taco-making tirade? Or maybe a pastry-baking bonanza? We’ll keep that a surprise for now, but just make sure to check out our new games page every once in a while for announcements.

So get out there and start playing all of the Papa’s Games now! You can be any type of worker you want, from sundae assembler to burger flipper. You never know which one is your favorite until you give all of them a try.

Papa’s Games – A Complete Guide to the Cooking Series (2024)
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