Risk Of Rain 2: Every Secret You Can Find In The Abyssal Depths (2024)

Risk of Rain 2 is packed with secrets, from secret survivors to hidden realms. Within the Abyssal Depths biome, there are plenty of secrets waiting to be found. Check out this guide to learn some secrets that you may not already know!

Abyssal Depths is one of the possible fourth stages in the game — the other possibilitiesare Siren's Call and Sundered Grove. If you do a lot of stages in a run, you will probably end up here eventually — but if you want to guarantee Abyssal Depths for the fourth stage, head to the Bazaar Between Time (using a Newt Altar). Here, you will be able to pick from two possible stages for the next map. Picking a stage costs two lunar coins.

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Legendary Chest

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Abyssal Depths has a 100% spawn chance of a legendary chest. This chest will be pretty expensive, but will always contain a legendary (red) item. The chest is located at the center of the map.

Look for a flat area with a clump of pillars. Within a clump of pillars, there will be a hollowed-out space containing the chest. It will cost 16 times more than a small chest, so if you are playing on Monsoon mode, or have been going for a while, expect this to cost a lot of money. The legendary item will be random, but with the Artifact of Command, you can choose which one you want.

The chest will always spawn here, so once you know where it is, you can head back each time you spawn in Abyssal Depths. Only one chest will spawn though, so if you are playing with a group of friends, only one person will be able to get the legendary item.


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REX is the half-plant, half-robot survivor. To unlock him, you have to carry the fuel cell from yourescape pod (in the first level) to the Abyssal Depths. He will only be available to unlock on Abyssal Depths, but once you unlock him, you can play as him during your next run.

You can find REX on a high platform near the center of the map. To reach the platform, jump on one of the vents that shoots you into the air. Once on the high platforms, look around for REX, who will appear as a broken robot.

Check out this complete guide on REX to learn more about how to unlock and play as him.


Abyssal Depths also has a cave system... sometimes. Like other maps in Risk of Rain 2, there are doors that allow access to certain areas. There is a chance that these doors will be closed when you spawn, though.

When running around the Abyssal Depths, it's very easy to forget about these caves. It's possible for the teleporter to spawn in here, and many people can miss it. The cave can also contain chests and Multishop terminals, so make sure to explore it!

Newt Altars

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Like every other environment, Abyssal Depths has a few Newt Altars that can spawn in different parts of the map. There are three possible locations for the altar.

  • On top of a hanging crystal in the center of the map. You can access this by climbing up chains, jumping, and flying. It's best to have some mobility items to aid with reaching the crystal.
  • On a raised cliff near a chain attachment. This one is a bit tricky to explain, but thankfully, it's pretty easy to find. The chain attachment should be near an entrance to the cave.
  • Inside the cave, hidden behind crystals.If the cave is open, go exploring for a Newt Altar! The cave isn't too large, so if the altar has spawned inside, you can find it pretty quickly by running around some of the crystals.

Artifact of Dissonance

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Risk of Rain 2 features 16 different artifacts that create different challenges for players. To unlock artifacts, you have to go to the underground layer of Sky Meadow and input a code. Most people search for these codes; we even have a guide for every code here on TheGamer.

The 'official' way to find these codes is by searching through different stages. The codes appear on tablets that are scattered across the world. You must find the codes, take note, and enter the code in Sky Meadow.

The Artifact of Dissonance code can be found within Abyssal Depths. Near the top of the map, you can find a tablet with the input code. This artifact allows monsters to spawn outside of their original environment.

No Shrine of Blood

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Unfortunately, Abyssal Depths does not have any Shrines of Blood. This may not seem like a big deal, but these shrines are incredibly helpful for getting more money. As mentioned above, the legendary chest is really expensive, but you can't rely on a Shrine of Blood to help you collect more money.

If you are struggling to collect money, try to get your hands on Ghor's Tome. This item has a 4% chance to drop treasure upon killing an enemy. The treasure starts at 25 coins and increases over time. Holding a few tomes for a few stages will help you collect more money without relying on a Shrine of Blood.

These are all the secrets that you can find in Abyssal Depths. Next time you spawn in this environment, try to find everything!

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Risk Of Rain 2: Every Secret You Can Find In The Abyssal Depths (2024)
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