Shadows Over the Sun - Corruption of Champions II (2024)

Shadows Over the Sun
Creatorgardeford, Alypia
Quest GiverBrother Sanders, Annika
RequirementsCompleted the Abyssal Depths segment of Winter Wolf, or defeated the smugglers in The Siege of Khor'minos
Level Range6+
Quest TypeSide Quest
LocationGlacial Rift
Can Fail?No

"I've met valkyries, []. The only reason they would not be joining the fight already is if they were already fighting… either the demons, or something else. And that is what is worrying me so much."


  • 1 Writer Credit
  • 2 Quest States
  • 3 Acquisition
  • 4 Progress
    • 4.1 Start
    • 4.2 Meeting Lumia
    • 4.3 Arriving at the Palace
    • 4.4 Locate the Sword Shards
    • 4.5 Murder mystery
    • 4.6 Wraith Fight
  • 5 Rewards
  • 6 Trivia
  • 7 Chest
  • 8 Assasin identity

Writer Credit

gardeford, Alypia

Quest States

0Speak to Brother Sanders about the valkyries before starting Winter Wolf
Optional quest state
Brother Sanders, worried about the demon threat, has suggested gaining the assistance of the valkyries, Lumia's faithful winged warriors. Journey to the Glacial Rift and try to locate them there.
1Speak to Sanders about the valkyries after starting Winter Wolf, or update from 0 after meeting Gweyr
Optional quest state
Brother Sanders has suggested that you ally with Lumia's valkyries against the demons, but you'll have to put looking for them on hold until after you and Gweyr deal with the Cult in the Glacial Rift.
2Speak to Sanders about the valkyries after finishing the Abyssal Depths, or update from 1 after defeating the Lureling
Optional quest state
Brother Sanders, worried about the demon threat, has suggested gaining additional assistance in the far north. Although you were interrupted by Tollus and his minions, you've dealt with them for now, and the way should be clear to find Lumia and her valkyries. Search for them in the open spaces of the Glacial Rift.
3Complete the combat encounter with AnnikaLumia's sun warriors are itching to join the fight against the demon cult, but they're stuck fighting a much older and more dangerous war that's sapping their goddess's strength… and which may very well threaten the fabric of this world's reality. Only Lumia herself can allow you into the Keep to help them, but unfortunately, she's in seclusion somewhere in the Rift, recuperating from her fight against the Wraiths. Annika, one of the goddess's valkyries, has offered to bring you to her so that you can make your case in person.
4Encounter Lumia bathingYou've met the goddess of light again while she was bathing in a magical grove. She's asked you to come to the palace of light with some haste, but not told you why.
5Meet Lumia in The Palace of Light without Atugia in partyLumia has told you about a terrifying monster sealed in the depths of the palace. She's also informed you of something in Hawkstone Castle that eludes her divine senses, and may be able to help in the battle with the monster. She can't leave without giving the thing a chance to escape, so she's given you the option of investigating. Maybe Atugia knows something.
?Speak to Atugia about LumiaAtugia told you she had no idea about any object that would have been carried between the village and Castle Hawkstone. She's asked to come with and ask some questions to see if she can get any extra info about the object.
?Bring Atugia to Lumia/Have her in party while completing state 5 objectiveLumia is ready to face the monster in her palace once and for all. You have some time to prepare, but urgency has been requested, so you shouldn't waste too much time.
?Choose 'Descend' while interacting with LumiaYou've begun a contest of will with the monster. The battle appears to be taking the form of a dinner party at a familiar castle, but you don't know what exactly the conflict will be.

* You found a shard of a broken sword in the grass outside the castle. Perhaps there are more to find./ You've found (x/5) shards of a broken sword. [You have collected sword fragments]

* A guest has been murdered! [You have interacted with everyone in phase one and proceeded to phase 2]

* Your false accusation has led to another guest being murdered. Be careful, as you'll probably only get one more chance at this. [You accused the wrong person in phase 2]

? (Complete)Accuse the right guest and kill the godfeasterYour accusation locked the wraith in its place for long enough that Atugia was able to skewer it with the shattered blade. The monster is dead, and the world is better and brighter for it.


When exploring the Glacial Rift after finishing the Abyssal Depths dungeon in Winter Wolf, choose Investigate during Annika's encounter and then successfully complete the fight. Alternatively, it's possible to gain an optional breadcrumb that starts this quest early through an encounter with Brother Sanders in Hawkethorne, which triggers on the Hawkethorne Waystone tile after either completing Winter Wolf or the smuggler fight in The Siege of Khor'minos.


If you receive the quest from Sanders before finishing Winter Wolf, it will update as you progress through the quest. Only after finishing Winter Wolf can you find Annika in the Glacial Rift.


Encountering Annika leads to two options: Investigate and Leave. The latter returns the encounter to the Rift encounter table for a later date. The former initiates a fight alongside an unnamed, slightly-wounded Valkyrie against several Wraith-touched trolls. Regardless of the outcome of the fight, the valkyrie successfully drives off the trolls, introduces herself as Annika, and asks to speak to the party about the reason for the valkyries' disappearance. In short: there is something energizing and empowering the Wraith-touched monsters of the frozen north in their endless quest to annihilate all living beings, and the order of valkyries is fighting them desperately on the field of battle while Lumia, their goddess, seeks a way to destroy whatever is animating the Wraith-touched. Annika offers to meet elsewhere in the Rift and bring the party to a personal meeting with Lumia herself to see what can be done to stem the tide.

Meeting Lumia

After meeting with Annika, your map will be marked by a star where she and Lumia currently are. Stepping on the tile will bring you face to face with Lumia, naked and bathing within a temporary conjured jungle oasis. She will start speaking before cutting herself off and stating that she is needed back at the palace, but that she would be grateful if you were to meet her there. She then flies off, the jungle dissipating into dust around you. Annika asks what you all spoke about before sighing in relief at hearing that Lumia has asked for your help. She then also flies off towards the Palace of Light.

Arriving at the Palace

Once the champion arrives at the Palace of Light, they will realize something is wrong. The whole area is gloomy and deserted. After meeting Lumia in her throne room she will tell you about her predicament, and that the solution can be found around Castle Hawkstone. If Atugia is in party, the quest will immediately proceed to its next stage, otherwise you will have to fetch her (The waystone in Palace of Light allows you to change your party. If you go to frost hound inn, you will be able to access a new talk option with Atugia during which she will recommend you bring her to Lumia)

Locate the Sword Shards

First fragment is a freebie. Second fragment can be obtained by interacting with Amione, after interacting with Elf Trio in middle of the castle. Third fragment can be obtained by checking Book in south-east of the castle. Fourth fragment can be obtained from worldlock chest in the north of the castle. Fifth and last fragment is a freebie after interacting with everyone and (almost) everything and progressing the quest. You must interact with everything other than the worldlock chest to proceed.

Murder mystery

After interacting with everyone and (almost) everything the quest will move to its next phase. Iveryn will be killed and you will be left to figure out which of the guests is the murderer.

The book where you found a shard and conversations with Talraed and Victor are your most important clues here.

If you accuse the wrong guest, Talraed will be murdered. Accusing wrongly again after that leads to a Bad End in which the wraith consumes Lumia and becomes Dark Lumia.

Wraith Fight

After accusing the right guest, the wraith will begin to reveal their true form and try to kill you, before being stabbed by Atugia from behind. The fight will then begin, with Godfeaster having 'Reality bleed' debuff which deals 199 damage to it every turn. Additionally, if you collected all 5 fragments, your weapon for this fight will be replaced with Wraithslayer Dreamblade (68 pen/68 holy) and your ultimate will be replaced with Divine Excision (buffs you with goddess blessing which reduces damage taken by 90% and debuffs godfeaster with Goddess Interdiction which negates armor, ward and focus and doubles power cooldowns.) Losing the fight likely leads to a bad end, but its very hard, if even possible, to achieve such since the debuff quickly makes work of the godfeaster and surrendering is disabled.


Completing the fight alongside Annika yields:

  • 4,500 Electrum
  • 12,000 EXP

Completing the quest yields:

  • 7000 EXP

Visiting Lumia for the first time after finishing this quest will have her offer you a reward from among 4 unique relics: (You can also flirt with her or deny instead of taking an item, but you will gain nothing other than satisfaction)

  • Panoply of the Holy City (Armor)
  • Izkanti Dress (Armor)
  • Caranbrot (2h weapon)
  • Wing of Asira (offhand weapon)


  • If High Ground was completed and Dawnsword was the result, Annika recognizes the Champion as either the swordbearer (if Champ got the Dawnsword) or the swordbearer's ally (if Liaden got the sword). If Corrupted Dawnsword was obtained, she will instead recognize them as the one who saved their relic from a demon and hope they come to the keep finish its purification. Otherwise, she recognizes them as the Champion of Frost.
  • If you have the Corrupted Dawnsword in inventory/equipped after finshing this quest, or go to palace of light after finishing it with it on your person, Lumia will confiscate it and offer you to either take the purified one or give it back to her in exchange for Guldring
  • After completing Annika's fight with the trolls, it's possible to roll a random encounter in the Rift where the party visits the wreckage of a battle between valkyries and Wraith-touched trolls.


Chest Puzzle


Assasin identity


Shadows Over the Sun - Corruption of Champions II (2024)
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