This Is the #1 Ordered Food Item of the Decade According To DoorDash (2024)

Based on how often I order food from DoorDash, I feel like I should have some stock in the company. From the pandemic quarantine to our recent house renovation that left us with no kitchen for several months, my family and I have frequently relied on the delivery service to put food on the table.

If anyone is keeping track, I’d guess my most common order is a chicken bowl from Chipotle or gluten-free pizza from whatever’s closest. We’ve been using DoorDash consistently to order our favorite foods for five or so years, but I had no idea the company has been around for a whole decade — or that, in those years, DoorDash has been keeping tabs on some fascinating trends.

The Most Ordered Menu Item According To DoorDash

According to a recent press release, the most popular order since the company started is really different from mine, but it’s also very unsurprising. DoorDash crowned french fries the number one ordered food of the decade, with more than 600 million orders of fries being delivered since 2013.

Honestly, that should be a shock to no one, considering how versatile (and, obviously, delicious) fries are. You can find fries at almost any restaurant, no matter where you live or what cuisine you’re ordering. While they go with almost any meal (OK, maybe not a Chipotle bowl), they’re also a perfect stand-alone snack if you’re hungry between meals or after a late night out.

We Know All About Your Weird Cravings

Over the last year in particular, unique food pairings have also been popular among DoorDash customers: One common order is french fries and chili, which actually sounds delicious? Other customers ordered hot sauce along with their cinnamon twists and soda with their hash browns. Lots of people also requested ranch dressing with their food orders, which I wholeheartedly support (especially with fries and, now that I think of it, maybe even hashbrowns).

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Night Time Is the Right Time

Another common trend this year? Late-night snacking. DoorDash saw a rise in food orders placed between midnight and 5AM — and the company anticipates the PM-snacking thing will continue, especially with trends like Girl Dinner and the perennial popularity of go-to comfort foods like fries.

All of this to say: One of the best things about food delivery services like DoorDash is you can get your hands on pretty much whatever you’re craving, whether it’s traditional comfort food or a weird combination of breakfast and dinner, almost any time of day or night. And if you’re anything like me, and apparently lots of other smart DoorDash customers, you’ll almost always order a cup of ranch on the side.

The Top 10 Foods Ordered Nationwide

  1. Fries
  2. Chicken quesadilla
  3. Mozzarella sticks
  4. Garlic naan
  5. Spicy chicken sandwich
  6. Pepperoni pizza
  7. Chips and queso
  8. Traditional wings
  9. Cobb salad
  10. Fried rice
This Is the #1 Ordered Food Item of the Decade According To DoorDash (2024)
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